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Crime Review Update for 4/1/17

We feature new 20 reviews in each issue of Crime Review (, together with a top industry interview. This time
it’s author Robin Stevens in the Countdown hot seat:

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This week’s reviews are:

THE MAN WHO WASN’T THERE by Michael Hjorth and Hans Rosenfeldt, reviewed by
Ewa Sherman

The long-buried bodies of six people are found in a mountain grave. The
Criminal Investigation Department from Stockholm, including brilliant but
arrogant profiler Sebastian Bergman, is called to the scene.

WAR HAWK by James Rollins and Grant Blackwood, reviewed by John Cleal

Ex-Ranger Tucker Wayne helps a former army colleague on the run from
assassins hunting her and her son and enters a hi-tech world of conspiracy,
obsession and murder.

THE HISTORY OF BLOOD by Paul Mendelson, reviewed by Chris Roberts

The daughter of an assassinated politician is found dead in a Cape Town
motel, her stomach full of cocaine. Police establish a link to an extended
web of crime.

THE ACID TEST by Elmer Mendoza, reviewed by Chris Roberts

Detective ‘Lefty’ Mendieta is determined to find the killer of an exotic
dancer, while around him the conflict of two rival gangs of narcotics
traffickers comes to a head.

STRIKING MURDER by AJ Wright, reviewed by John Cleal

An unpopular mine owner is murdered at the height of a strike. Detective
Sergeant Michael Brennan discovers that with a town full of suspects there
are more questions than answers.

SPOOK STREET by Mick Herron, reviewed by Arnold Taylor

Jackson Lamb, head of Slough House, is called to identify a body discovered
in the residence of a former senior spy, now suffering from dementia.  He
confirms that the dead man was one of his agents.

SAND by Wolfgang Herrndorf, reviewed by Chris Roberts

Following the murder of four westerners in an oasis town in the North
African desert, a man without memory appears, trying to make sense of his
location and the various groups pursuing him.

MURDER BY GHOSTLIGHT by JC Briggs, reviewed by John Cleal

Journalist, social reformer, novelist and actor Charles Dickens returns to
the theatre where he has been appearing to find a member of the cast shot
dead and a weapon on the stage – and is arrested as prime suspect with a
smoking gun in his hand. 
LIQUIDATOR by Andy Mulligan, reviewed by Linda Wilson

A disparate bunch of teenagers take on the might of a global corporation in
a race to save the life of a boy they’ve never even met.

LET THE DEAD SPEAK by Jane Casey, reviewed by Linda Wilson

A young woman returns home to find her mother missing and the house covered
in her blood. Newly-promoted DS Maeve Kerrigan has to deal with both a
murder inquiry without a body and abrasive DI Josh Derwent.

KILLER LOOK by Linda Fairstein, reviewed by Chris Roberts

Fashion icon Wolf Savage is found dead in a hotel room, an apparent
suicide. Assistant DA Alex Cooper and her NYPD boyfriend Mike Chapman

FOREIGN AGENT, by Brad Thor, reviewed by Arnold Taylor

The CIA is looking to find an agent with the necessary skills to deal with
increasing numbers of terrorist outrages in Europe. It finds him in the
person of Scott Horvath, but Moscow already has its own operative working
under very deep cover.

EVIL GAMES by Angela Marsons, reviewed by Jim Beaman

Detective Inspector Kim Stone’s latest adversary is a sociopath who
manipulates the most vulnerable into killing.

CLOSE YOUR EYES by Michael Robotham, reviewed by John Barnbrook

Clinical psychologist Joe O’Loughlin is drawn unwillingly to help solve a
double murder - a mother and daughter found in odd circumstances in a
remote farmhouse. This involvement leads to Joe’s family becoming
endangered by the attention of the damaged murderer.

BURNING by Danielle Rollins, reviewed by Linda Wilson

Life at Brunesfield Correctional Facility is grim at the best of times, but
then when a new inmate arrives, strange and dangerous things start to

BLOOD TORMENT by TF Muir, reviewed by Kati Barr-Taylor

DCI Andy Gilchrist and his team are on the case of a missing three-year-old
girl. But is this abduction a kidnapping or murder? And how involved is the
girl’s mother?

BLOOD SYMMETRY by Kate Rhodes, reviewed by John Cleal

A woman and her son are abducted. The boy is found wandering and, soon
after, a pack of the woman’s blood is left on a doorstep. Forensic
psychologist Alice Quentin must help the traumatised child uncover his

BETWEEN ENEMIES by Andrew Molesini, reviewed by Sylvia Maughan

During the first world war an elderly family and their grandson are living
in their villa in the Italian countryside close to the front line. The
family must cope when the villa is requisitioned by enemy armies.

BABY DOLL by Hollie Overton, reviewed by Kati Barr-Taylor

Lily escapes with her daughter after eight years in captivity, to find her
fight for survival has only just begun.

ALL THINGS CEASE TO APPEAR by Elizabeth Brundage, reviewed by John Cleal

A college professor discovers his wife as the victim of an axe killer in
their farmhouse near Albany and his three-year-old daughter alone – the
second tragedy in an apparently cursed house.

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