Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Estate Stuff

Last Saturday marked 90 days since Mom passed due to complications from her stroke. I think about her daily and nothing is  getting any easier. On this beautiful morning here in  North Texas, I am inside working on letters trying to handle crap that has come up in the last week.

If you have Bank Of America, know that anything you set up before death won't work thanks to their estate unit down in Tampa, Florida. They will request information they already have, move your case between folks that refuse to give their name and will even give you a fake name, and other issues. So, if things are supposed to happen and your account is supposed to go to a loved one, it won't.

Social Security will send out a letter after their recovery unit starts taking back SS money and will ask that you call and inform them why their money is being returned. Do not call! They will not talk to you. Write a letter.

Medicare will send you a premium notice demanding you call and discuss the situation immediately. Same deal. Write a letter.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Nearly everyone involved since her passing has worked to make all of this harder than it has to be.


Bill Crider said...

Bureaucracies are always a pain to deal with. Good luck in getting everything settled.

Carol N Wong said...

It took a year to get my mother's estate done and two years for the guardianship for my brother. Those things are not fum and just working on them brings back the grieving. We opened a joint account with B of A long ago. That is all, them we started to get correspondence on our "business account which we have never opened! It took a lot of talking on the phone, visits to the branch and then a final visit to one of the main offices. We closed our account and will never ever used them again. They never even said they were sorry for all the trouble that they caused us.


Caroline Clemmons said...

So sorry this is adding to your already stress-filled life. Our will is on file with the lawyer and our youngest is our executrix and has our power of attorney. Still, I need to get a codicil about my writing royalties. You can't leave an i undotted, can you? I hope this gets straightened out soon.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

Thanks, folks. I hope so too.

Mom had a pay on death deal on a small bank account with Bank of America. We had all signed paperwork so the process was supposed to be simple. Interestingly enough, now folks at Mom's old branch as well as a branch out here by me have all said --without prompting--that the Estate Unit is very difficult to work with and that they delay things constantly. While all the local folks have apologized profusely, all have gone on to say there is nothing they can do and that the Estate Unit in Tampa does their own thing and answers to no one.