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Review: Throw The Texas Dog A Bone: An Al Quinn Novel (Book 3) by Russ Hall

Al Quinn is back working at the Sheriff's Department as Throw The Texas Dog a Bone begins, as they need the help. So much for his retirement, though it really isn’t a surprise since he has not been retired that much. Sheriff Clayton insisted he come back and carry a badge again for a short time and Sheriff Clayton always gets his way. Quinn is at an animal shelter outside of Austin because human bones have been found. Medical Examiner Clive Burns and his female assistant, Teddy, are sifting through the bones in the ash of the incinerator. From the bones they have found it is very clear that they have come from more than one person. None of the volunteers and staff at the isolated shelter are missing so it appears somebody has been breaking in to dispose of bodies. 

Located outside the city limits of Austin in a small canyon, the place makes an ideal disposal ground for a killer or killer. The only mistake was not taking into account that the furnace does not burn as hot as it would need to in order to dispose of human bones. While it works fine for animals, it leaves bones to be found when the bones are human. Quinn has a horrible hunch that this might not be the only place in use by somebody looking to dispose of bodies. A little investigative work revels that he is right.

Third in the series, Throw the Texas Dog a Bone is another very good read. The mystery is complicated and sustains the read quite well. Though the mysteries are always good ones with plenty of twists and turns, what makes these books so special is the interplay between the characters. Bonnie, Maury, and a number of others are all back making sure that Al Quinn stays on his toes.

Because of character development and references to earlier events, this is a series that should be read in order starting with To Hell And Gone In Texas. Followed by A Turtle Roars In Texas: An Al Quinn Novel (Book 2). One hopes that Throw The Texas Dog A Bone, the third book in the series by Russ Hall, is not the last. If it is not clear already, these reads are highly recommended.

Throw The Texas Dog A Bone: An Al Quinn Novel (Book 3)
Russ Hall
Red Adept Publishing
August 2016
eBook (paperback available)
209 Pages

According to Amazon, I picked this up back in August 2016. I am fairly certain I used funds in my Amazon Associate account to do so. I don’t think it was a free or reduced price read.

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