Thursday, August 17, 2017

Sandi This Morning-- 8/17/17

Talked to her for a little while and she hurts and is not a happy camper. As expected, they put in the catheter and have done the x-rays of her chest and right side rib cage. She is also on some oxygen support though she does not think she needs it. She does. They also added heart monitoring equipment overnight due to her erratic heart rate. She does not want that either, but having seen her erratic heart rate happening yesterday for most of the day, I am very glad they did that. Antibiotics of various types continued overnight and are underway this morning. She continues to have a significant fever, but not quite as high as it was several times yesterday.

So, things are under control as best as they can be right now. She does not want us coming up there as she says that all she is doing is sleeping. She is also worried about me and what I went through the last couple of days. So, for now, I have agreed that we willl stay home and do some things here as we can.

Will update as I know more.


Bill Crider said...

Sorry to hear that things aren't much better. Tough for all concerned.

Caroline Clemmons said...

Kevin, sorry things have been tough. You should never hesitate to call the Fire Department if one of you falls. That's part of their training and they get the person who's fallen up without any harm. You certainly are not in shape to help her if she falls.

Life is just stinky for you right now, but don't forget you have a lot of friends praying for you and thinking about you two. Use the time at home to rest!

Kevin R. Tipple said...

The only good news I see in this, Bill, is that things have not gotten worse.

I hated to call them for help, Caroline. Been unboxing and doing laundry and dishes today. Too worried to lie down.

Barry Ergang said...

Your worry is understandable--I'm sure I'd feel the same in similar circumstances--but Caroline is right: you need to try to get some rest. Sandi is getting the care she needs, so you need to care for yourself so you're able to care for her when she comes home again.