Friday, August 25, 2017

Sandi Friday Evening

We have made it through 24 hours and so far everything seems okay. Sandi just got the last antibiotic for today and is now in bed. Home health care nurse should be here mid morning tomorrow to check on her and change the PICC line dressing.

For those worried about us in relation to the hurricane--- we should be safe. We live in NE Dallas and therefore are a very long way from the coast. Assuming Hurricane Harvey meanders around in deep South Texas, as currently predicted, the general forecast for here is some breezes and occasional showers and storms due to the outer bands coming way north. The forecast for here is about three inches of rain over the weekend. Even if it does a lot more, we are not in a flood zone. I am also very aware of those areas that flood as they always do and have since I was a kid. So, if we absolutely had to go out this weekend in a storm because we had to get to the hospital, I know how to go and be safe.

We are very worried about friends and family in South Texas and are thinking of all tonight in harm's way.

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