Saturday, August 26, 2017

Sandi Update Saturday Evening

A little over 48 hours since Sandi came home things continue to roll on. The home health care nurse came and checked her vitals and a few other things today. She was pleased at how much better Sandi was today then the last time she saw her a couple of weeks ago.  The nurse left the PICC line dressing alone as the PICC line was put in Thursday morning so it was best left alone. Wednesday morning we see the folks at Texas Oncology so they can handle changing the dressing there. All in all she seems to be doing okay.

Tonight Sandi told me that sometime while she was in the hospital iOffer took down her site so it is no longer possible to buy any of her stuff there. She is not intending to put it back up or sign up with any other site. Except for a few occasions, she hardly ever sold anything by having the sites. This happened despite spending tons of time setting things up as well as a lot of time promoting the items. Most of what remained for sale will now be given to friends who can and will use the stuff or it will be donated.

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