Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Chemo--Round Two

Late this afternoon Sandi was admitted to the hospital to start the second round of chemo. This was done because her blood work today indicated she was strong enough to do this right now and it is very clear that the cancers are running amok. Just from last Thursday it was clear to me as well as her medical folks that the skull tumors had grown yet again. If they are growing there is no doubt that all the tumors she has are growing. Exactly when later today the chemo will start is in question right now as a few things have to be done to make sure all is okay.

As part of her stay she will also get the final three days of the antibiotic she was getting through the home health care folks. They never bothered to call and deliver the rest of her antibiotic nor did they send the home health care nurse that was supposed to come and do things. Knowing we were going to see Sandi's people today and knowing that most likely she would be admitted one way or the other, I did not call and badger the home health care folks about doing their damn jobs.

The chemo that starts sometime tonight is the one she was supposed to get in mid to late June so it is almost two full months late. Those involved believe that the delay will not be an issue. They believe her body has not built up resistance to it so we can go with the originally intended chemo cocktail she was supposed to get right after Memorial Day. Hopefully, they are right.

Folks seemed to be very attentive to her on the floor while we were there so I suspect all involved have been read the riot act over what happened before and are going to make very sure there is not another screw up. Something we are all counting on.


Bill Crider said...

Fingers crossed, as always.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

Thank you, as always, Bill. I am very worried. I am not at all convinced she is strong enough for this no matter what the blood work seems to indicate. I also know the cancers are out of control. I feel like this is a no win deal and we don't have any damn choice.

Jerry House said...

Wishing for the best.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

Thank you, Jerry.