Monday, August 21, 2017

Sandi Update 8/21/17

Having talked to her a couple of times today I was already aware that by noon she had learn that the planned port removal surgery was not happening today as she was not on their schedule. As we had discussed, that might have been a good thing as that would mean she would be on heavy antibiotics for another day to deal with the bacterial blood infection before they again opened her up to do something. It also had become clear that they had to do yet another multi unit blood and platelet transfusion.

When we got home from UTD tonight, less than an hour ago, Scott called her and then after a few minutes I was on the phone with her. Upon further review of the x-rays, it turns out she did break her right rib. It is apparently a hairline fracture and the rib did not displace so it should heal without any intervention. At this time, they do not see any breaks anywhere else.

The plan for tomorrow is for the port to come out. At this point, we do not know when. She has been told that she is probably getting more blood and platelets tomorrow and they will do that by way of fresh needle inserts through each hand. Obviously, when they do that, it pretty much is going to shut down her ability to crochet as it will hurt far too much. Of course, if they do this tomorrow after the port surgery, she will be so heavily pain medicated that she won't be able to crochet or do anything anyway.

"It is what it is" has been her mantra the last few days and that hasn't changed tonight. The fight goes on.

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