Friday, January 11, 2019

ER Visit

For those who are not on Facebook and did not know about it... Scott woke up yesterday morning with severe pain behind his navel. No fever, no throwing up, no nausea...just this really bad pain he had never felt before. After I did some internet poking around, it became very clear that something bad could be happening. Got him in to our doc who said it might be appendicitis and to go to ER. We did and it took the day to do blood work, ultrasound, and then a CT with contrast. After they pushed on it big time he hurt for the next couple of hours way worse and then it stopped hurting. They prescribed a pain killer to deal with any lingering pain issues.  Everything came back as being fine so they do not really know what happened.

They don't think his appendix is an issue. Though, if it is going bad and very early in the process, they say a CT would not catch it. Because the pain moved up above the belly button and to the right, they seem to think it could have been his gallbladder, though that looks fine near as they can tell. They really don't know. So, they sent us home with lots of instructions about following up and what to do if the pain comes back depending on where it is.

Very glad he seems to be okay, but worried as to what the hell happened.

Glad to get out of there....the hospital is full of patients so folks are stacked the  Presbyterian  Hospital  waiting  room and many of them have the flu or something with little ones throwing up. God knows what we got exposed to during the day there yesterday.

Today I spent considerable time with followup people from the hospital as well as the doctor's office who called to see how he was and if we needed anything. The doctor's nurse was new to me and wonderful. The pain killer is safe for him to take while on her other meds so she reassured me on that and some other things regarding what had gone on yesterday. While talking to her the topic of Sandi came up and I broke down. She spent extra time with me talking about Sandi and my loss and all. She is going to check back with me in a week or so once Scott's school needs are figured out as the only way he can get there is with me driving. Once we know what he is looking at beyond the assigned class days when he has to be there, the nurse and I are going to see about me getting into some sort of grief counseling. After a year of trying to deal with missing her and working hard to stay sober, things just are not getting better and after the stress of trying to cope yesterday it is clear that I have to get some help. 

What form that will take I don't know. I am not one who is into sitting in some sort of group and talking about things. Which is why, among other reasons, AA never worked for me. What would work now, I don't know. But, things have to change. 


Barry Ergang said...

I'm glad Scott seems to be okay, but that you're keeping a close eye on him.

I'm equally glad you're finally considering grief counseling, because while the grief is absolutely understandable, you're overdue in learning how to cope with it. Sandi wouldn't want you to be a basket case.

Jerry House said...

What Barry said.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

Trying to. He seems to be doing better, though we have no idea what the hell happened.

Don't know why the typeface shifted in size all over the post. Sorry about that.