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New issue of Crime Review

We feature new 20 reviews in each issue of Crime Review together with a top industry interview. This time it’s author MP Wright  in the Countdown hot seat:

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This week’s reviews are:

THE CRAFTSMAN by Sharon Bolton, reviewed by Linda Wilson

Florence Lovelady returns to the town that launched her police career, but soon starts to fear that her first murder case might not have been as cut and dried as everyone had thought.

THE TAKING OF ANNIE THORNE by CJ Tudor, reviewed by Kati Barr-Taylor

After 25 years, Joe Thorne is going home. That’s because someone has emailed him to say whatever happened to his sister is happening again.

CARELESS LOVE by Peter Robinson, reviewed by Sharon Wheeler

Superintendent Alan Banks and his team investigate two suspicious deaths – a student found in an abandoned car, and a man in a smart suit at the bottom of a gully on the moors.

BLOODMOON by Peter Tremayne, reviewed by John Cleal

Sister Fidelma is sent on a secret mission to uncover a rumoured assassination plot against the High King of Tara.

RED SNOW by Will Dean, reviewed by Chris Roberts

The tiny frozen Swedish town of Gavrik is dominated by the liquorice factory, source of employment but also some weirdness, and a long history of unexplained deaths.

THE DARK CLOUDS SHINING by David Downing, reviewed by Arnold Taylor

It’s 1921 and former secret service officer Jack McColl is approached by his former boss to undertake a mission to Russia. MI5, whose remit does not extend to Europe, is involved there and he needs to find out precisely what they are doing.

COLD AS THE GRAVE by James Oswald, reviewed by Linda Wilson

When the desiccated body of a child is found in an Edinburgh basement, it’s immediately believed to be a cold case, but when that’s proved to be incorrect, life gets complicated for DCI Tony McLean.

UNREST by Jesper Stein, reviewed by Ewa Sherman

Detective Superintendent Alex Steen must investigate the death of a brutally murdered unidentified man, found outside a Copenhagen cemetery after a night of violent street riots. But Denmark’s national security agency is also interested in the victim.

RULES OF PREY by John Sandford, reviewed by Chris Roberts

In his first appearance, Lieutenant Lucas Davenport faces an intelligent serial killer working by rules of behaviour which make it unlikely he will ever be caught.

THE LINES WE LEAVE BEHIND by Eliza Graham, reviewed by John Cleal

A young woman is incarcerated in an asylum, charged with a violent crime of
which she has no memory. As she struggles to come to terms with her past an
entirely different character emerges.

IN THE BLOOD by Ruth Mancini, reviewed by Kati Barr-Taylor

Solicitor Sarah Kellerman’s client is one she may regret taking on. The young woman is due to stand trial for the attempted murder of her baby.

AND FIRE CAME DOWN by Emily Viskic, reviewed by Chris Roberts

Caleb Zelic is visited by a girl seeking his help and returns to his home of Resurrection Bay to try to establish what she was running from.

THE INDUSTRY OF HUMAN HAPPINESS by James Hall, reviewed by John Cleal

Max Cadenza’s dream of harnessing new technology to put the world’s greatest music onto gramophone records is threatened by a crooked theatrical impresario.

THE CASE OF THE FOOL by EV Harte, reviewed by Anthea Hawdon

“So he want kill me. Or he want marry me? Which?” Doris is faced with a stark question from a Russian immigrant tangled up in a web of squatters and drug dealers and needs to find her way out of the tangle before the first of those options becomes a reality.

DEAD STOCK by Rachel Ward, reviewed by Linda Wilson

Supermarket checkout worker Bea and her friend and colleague Ant are on the
case of a cat killer in Kingsleigh.

THE OTHER WOMAN by Sandie Jones, reviewed by Kati Barr-Taylor

Emily falls for Adam, unaware she has become part of a twisted love triangle – one that could be the death of her.

THE LANGUAGE OF SECRETS by Ausma Zehanat Khan, reviewed by Chris Roberts

Detective Esa Khattack and his partner Rachael Getty are on the case of the killing of an undercover colleague who was investigating a suspected Islamic terrorist plot.

THE MURDER OF HARRIET MONCKTON by Elizabeth Haynes, reviewed by John Cleal

Harriet Monckton is found dead in the privy behind the dissenting chapel she regularly attended. An inquest lasting nearly three years tries to establish if she was murdered and if so, by who.

ROGUE by JB Turner, reviewed by Arnold Taylor

A secret American committee, consisting of a retired general, a retired admiral and two former heads of the CIA, is intent on arranging the assassination of a well-known and popular senator whose libertarian and anti-military views they regard as a potential danger to the United States.

MY SECRET YOUTUBE LIFE by Charlotte Seager, reviewed by Linda Wilson

Lily has everything – the perfect life, the perfect boyfriend, three million followers on YouTube. But, unseen by her fans, Lily’s life is starting to unravel.

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