Saturday, November 23, 2019

KRL Update: KRL This Week for 11/23/19

Up in KRL this week a review and giveaway of "Stamped Out" by Tonya Kappes

And we have reviews and giveaways of cookbooks by mystery authors Nancy J. Cohen, Kathi Daley, Karen MacInerney, Lise McClendon, Chelsea Thomas, and C.A. Phipps (4 are giveaways through KRL and 2 are through the author's by joining their mailing list), and a review and info to preorder Jenny Kales cookbook. And we have a couple recipes for your Thanksgiving dinner!

And reviews and giveaways of a feast of food and drink mysteries for your Thanksgiving reading-"The Chocolate Shark Shenanigans": A Chocoholic Mystery by JoAnna Carl, "Apple Cider Slaying": A Cider Shop Mystery by Julie Anne Lindsey, "Clarets of Fire": Rose Avenue Wine Club Mystery by Christine E. Blum, "Fatal Cajun Festival": A Cajun Country Mystery by Ellen Byron, "Jealousy Filled Donuts": A Deputy Donut Mystery by Ginger Bolton, and "Mumbo Gumbo Murder": A Scrapbooking Mystery by Laura Childs with Terrie Farley Moran

We also have a review and giveaway of "Flour in the Attic" by Winnie Archer along with a Thanksgiving guest post and recipe by Winnie

And the latest mystery Coming Attractions from Sunny Frazier, along with a giveaway of a $25 gift card from mystery author Victoria Hamilton who was featured in a past Coming Attractions

For those who prefer to listen to Mysteryrat's Maze Podcast directly on KRL, the player is now up for the new one-the first chapter of "A Cupid Caper" by Larissa Reinhart read by local actor Teya Juarez

Up on KRL News and Reviews this week we have a review and giveaway of "Cleanup on Aisle 6" by Daniel Stallings

And a review and giveaway of "Murder Under a Blue Moon" by Abigail Keam, along with a bonus review of her book "Death By Deceit"

And a review and ebook giveaway of "The Nora Pigeon Mysteries" by Krista Lynn

Happy reading and Happy Thanksgiving!


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