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Scott's Take: Blood of Empire: Gods of Blood and Powder Series by Brian McClellan

Blood of Empire by Brian McClellan is the final book in the Gods of Blood and Powder series. If you have read the previous books in the series, you already know what to expect as the conclusion is just as great as the rest of the series. If this truly is the end of this particular universe and series, it is one that is fitting and does not leave the reader with a sour note. All three of the main leads, Viola, Michel, and Ben, must face the decisions they have made as the war finally comes to the heart of the Dynize Empire. The war is a major part of the read, but one cannot really go into further detail on that or other plot aspects if the read without ruining the tale. All three characters continue in their ongoing and very different storylines and remain very individualistic and easy to keep separate as they are all fully formed complicated beings. They always feel very different from each other which I appreciate.

This epic fantasy flintlock and magic series has plenty of action, politics, character development, and world building to make a great book. As always has occurred in this series, things are far different from the start of the read by the end of the book. Again here, the book radically changes about halfway through and becomes a whole another story.

There is sensitive content in the book that may offended or disturb some readers that one can’t go into without spoilers and ruining one of the main plot points that is not stated in the book blurb. If you like the rest of the series, you will like this one. If you have not read the rest of the series, you will be completely confused. You need to read Sins of Empire followed by Wrath of Empire and ending with Blood of Empire that ends the trilogy with a bang and on a good note.

My reading copy came from the Central/Downtown Branch of the Dallas Public Library System.

Blood of Empire: Gods of Blood and Powder Series
Brian McClellan
Orbit (Hachette Book Group)
Deccember 2019
ISBN# 978-0-316-40731-1
672 Pages

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