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New issue of Crime Review

We feature new 20 reviews in each issue of Crime Review (, 
together with a top industry interview. This time it’s author Mike Thomas in
the Countdown hot seat.

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This week’s reviews are:
DEAD MAN’S BLUES by Ray Celestin, reviewed by John Cleal
A group of Chicago city leaders is poisoned; a white gangster found dead
and mutilated in a poor black area; an heiress vanishes. Pinkerton
detectives Michael Talbot and Ida Davis must find the links between the
three events.

THE INVESTIGATIONS by Mark Lawson, reviewed by Jim Beaman
A celebrity historian is arrested following allegations of sexual assault.
His friend and colleague is accused of bullying in the workplace. They must
try to defend themselves against the allegations as both face personal and
professional ruin.

REMEMBRANCE by Meg Cabot, reviewed by Linda Wilson
When property tycoon Paul Slater threatens to tear down Suze Simon’s old
family home and unleash an ancient curse, Suze is faced with a dilemma.
Give in to blackmail, or save her boyfriend’s soul by herself.

IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT by John Ball, reviewed by John Cleal
When a well-known musician is found robbed and clubbed to death in the
small city of Wells, the first suspect picked up is black. The local police
chief is embarrassed to discover the man is a homicide detective and
reluctantly enlists his help.

THE BIRDWATCHER by William Shaw, reviewed by Sharon Wheeler
Sgt William South is happy with being a community bobby amidst the bleak
landscape of Dungeness. And he has very good reason for not wanting to be
on a murder enquiry.

THE MISSING by CL Taylor, reviewed by Linda Wilson
Fifteen-year-old Billy Wilkinson went missing six months ago. His mother,
Claire, is convinced he’s still alive, but her case isn’t helped when a
press conference goes wrong and the spotlight is turned on her own family.

A QUIET PLACE by Seicho Matsumoto, reviewed by Chris Roberts
When Tsuneo Asai’s wife dies unexpectedly, it is some time before he
discovers that an apparent accident is more than it seems, and takes steps
against the person he deems responsible.

THE SEARCHER by Chris Morgan Jones, reviewed by Arnold Taylor
Isaac Hammer runs an investigative agency with his partner, Ben Webster.
Or, at least he did until, following a raging argument, Webster disappears.
Hammer’s office is then invaded by the police with a search warrant.
THE HANGING CLUB by Tony Parsons, reviewed by Sharon Wheeler
DC Max Wolfe tangles with social-media savvy vigilantes

GIRL WAITS WITH A GUN by Amy Stewart, reviewed by Chris Roberts
When their buggy is demolished by a badly-driven automobile, Constance and
her sisters demand compensation. The driver refuses, and initiates a
campaign against the trio, using mob methods to intimidate them.

THE HOUSE OF EYES by Kate Ellis, reviewed by John Barnbrook
Reports of a missing model and the subsequent murder of her father lead DI
Wesley Peterson into an investigation which throws suspicion onto many of
the residents of the rural Devonshire town. The causes of the crime appear
to have historical origins.

THE NIGHT CHARTER by Sam Hawken, reviewed by Chris Roberts
The night charter of a sport fishing boat to bring a Cuban dissident to the
USA is the first act in a dangerous and bloody dispute.

THE CROSSING by Michael Connelly, reviewed by Linda Wilson
Lawyer Mickey Haller wants former cop Harry Bosch to get a client off a
murder charge. But Harry isn’t keen. Investigating his former colleagues
seems like a step too far, even for him.

SIX FOUR by Hideo Yokoyama, reviewed by Chris Roberts
An unsolved case of kidnap and murder continues to resonate in the Japanese
police even after fourteen years, because of mistakes that were made, and
worse because those mistakes were never acknowledged.

MEDUSA by Torkil Damhaug, reviewed by Ewa Sherman
Local doctor Axel Glenne is linked to the deaths of two women who seem to
have been mauled by a bear. He needs to prove his innocence as the net of
suspicion around him tightens with surprising speed.

THE TEACHER by Katerina Diamond, reviewed by Linda Wilson
Maverick cops DS Adrian Miles and DS Imogen Grey struggle to find the
connection between a series of increasingly brutal killings.

THE CHILDREN OF SILENCE by Linda Stratmann, reviewed by John Cleal
A body is found in the Paddington canal basin and a woman claims it is that
of her husband, who disappeared three years before. She appeals to Frances
Doughty, the lady detective, to help her prove her case.

PARADISE SKY by Joe R Lansdale, reviewed by John Cleal
A young black man escapes lynching and is pursued across America’s south
west by a vicious racist in a chase to the death.

QUARRY by Max Allan Collins, reviewed by John Cleal
When successive contract killings go wrong, his partner is killed and he
injured, Vietnam vet-turned-assassin Quarry loses trust in the ‘Broker’ who
sets up his ‘jobs’ and sets out to deliver his own brand of justice.

EDEN SUMMER by Liz Flanagan, reviewed by Linda Wilson
Jess Mayfield’s best friend has gone missing, and no one knows why, but
Jess is determined to find Eden.

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