Friday, August 12, 2016

Sandi Update

This morning Sandi had blood work and a visit with her cancer doctor. Things are as good as they could be at this point. She is anemic, but is recovering now that the radiation is over. Other things were also lower than they should be as well, but it appears that her body is recovering and building various things back up so they made a decision to leave her be and not intervene.

Next up from a cancer point, we won't see this doctor until the middle of next month.  Before that, she will have an appointment with the radiation doctor as a followup. At that visit they will do a CT Scan to measure the current size of the tumor. Hopefully, it will have shrunk showing that the radiation worked.

After the visit in the middle of next month she probably will have another Pet Scan to image her cancers. they also currently plan to restart her chemo of a drug cocktail at the hospital and an oral pill at home as they did earlier this year.

So, things are as good as we could hope for right now. Some of her recent fatigue issues will also improve a little bit so she can enjoy the down time from all the usual stuff.


Unknown said...

Gotta keep on keeping on!

Kevin R. Tipple said...

That is the plan, Bill. ;)