Thursday, September 07, 2017

Neighborhood Surveillance Underway

On the first cool morning here in the house where I could open the doors and windows, Krystal is conducting ongoing neighborhood surveillance. Scott will conduct an intelligence briefing later today with his cat and get a detailed report.


Caroline Clemmons said...

I love cats and have three of them. Mine love looking out windows, especially an open window. Hope you are getting settled in your home.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

Slowly. In the last two days we have unpacked about fifty boxes. Sandi has been pushing hard --too hard---the last two days trying to get her crafting stuff unpacked and sorted after the doctor told us the bad news yesterday regarding the pain and swelling in her head. She goes back in for another round of chemo starting tomorrow and has expressed concern over what was here if she never came back home. So, it has been a bit tough.

The old complex also billed up nearly 1800 bucks for various damages even though most of what they billed for would be replaced as it was because that apartment had never been rehabbed. Because they have a reputation for suing people over 50 bucks, I let it go and just paid the damn bill to shut them up. Glad to be done with them.

Krystal roams this place and goes everywhere which is something she never did in the apartment. Seeing a totally different feline here.

Jan Christensen said...

Glad you have a good watch-cat! Made me smile.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

she stalks this place at nite. We hear moving around at all hours of the nite. I often go looking around checking on things in the middle of the nite after yet another trip to the bathroom and find her awake and sitting duty at the front or back door. Scott is not happy as she no longer spends the nite with him in his bed.