Thursday, November 09, 2023

Review: Deus X: An August Snow Novel by Stephen Mack Jones

As Deus X: An August Snow Novel by Stephen Mack Jones begins, the former police officer August Snow is in Oslow, Norway, and far from his Detroit home. But, you do what your girlfriend asks of you and that includes helping Captain Edus “Eddie” Gofu and the Oslo Police Department with a case. Snow’s everything, Tatina Stadtmueller, and her family have connections and the good Captain is one of those connections. He is less than thrilled with Snow and his history with the Detroit PD, but accepted his help because her mother asked him to do so. Snow likes Captain Eddie and understands where the man is coming from and why.

His good deed is done and he is spending time with Tatina and her family when he gets a call from home. Sylvia, one half of his elderly neighbor tag team that includes Carmela, has had a significant heart attack and is in ICU at the hospital. She is in bad shape and he needs to get home. He does so and leaves Tatina behind.

Once back in Detroit and home amongst his people, he soon discovers Slyvia isn’t the only old friend in trouble. So too is Father Grabowski. The Franciscan priest recently retired is not doing at all well. For all intents and purposes, he is somewhat homeless and moving between rooms with various friends. He is also suddenly drinking heavily. Something strange is going on and far beyond the fact that he no longer has a job.

There is also another priest, a man named Father Petra, who seems to be around contacting various people. There seems to be no local record of him and Snow soon learns that he does not have much of a history that can be found online either. Nobody knows what is going on though his presence could be connected to Father Grabowski.

As always, August thinks of family as far more than blood ties. In his world, people he cares deeply about are family. That is Lucy, Slyvia, Carmella, and others. He can’t do much to help Sylvia other than be around as her situation is up to medical folks.

But, Father Grabowski is a far different matter. Activeky trying to help him soon leads into an often-violent case with, among other things, links to events decades ago and modern-day hitmen working on behalf of the Vatican. It is all so complicated and all so good of a read.

Deus X: An August Snow Novel is the fourth book in the August Snow series that began fittingly enough with August Snow. The gang is all here in this solidly good read. So too is Snow’s love of Detroit, cooking, and good friends. Like the other books on the series, this one is also part mystery and part thriller. Strongly recommended as is the entire series.



My digital reading copy came from Soho press by way of NetGalley. Months ago, after I was initially denied by the publisher and I had cancelled my request there only to suddenly get it in mid-October, I also received a print ARC from a good friend that wishes to remain anonymous. I ended up reading considerable portions of the book on my iPad during doctor visits which was a great way to pass the time and stay sane in waiting rooms.


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Kevin R. Tipple said...

I'm a big fan. This is one of those series that should be read in order.

Lesa said...

I agree, Kevin. Terrific series, and it should be read in order. Good review as well!

Kevin R. Tipple said...

Thank you, Lesa.