Thursday, April 12, 2012

More New Arrivals

In addition to snagging several books for free via the Kindle for PC deal, these recently arrived by mail. They came via PJ NUNN owner of Breakthrough Promotions.

 I knew the books were coming. I didn't know this was coming.....

This is my new walker courtesy of a very generous person who will remain anonymous and very much appreciated. This is not something I would have had the money for and something I really didn't want to admit I do need. But, whatever is wrong with me is gradually getting worse so it is time to use this when I can.

Below is me trying the new walker out on the porch with my back braced up against the wall so I could stand upright long enough for Sandi to take the picture.
It won't save me when I go dead in both legs, something that is happening more and more frequently, but it will massively help when the old left leg buckles by itself.



Randy Johnson said...

I can sympathize, Kevin. I have to use a walker when I get up out of my wheelchair for brief times. Never long, the old legs just don't have the strength they used to in that long ago youth.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

I'm not there yet, Randy though I fear that might be coming soon.