Friday, March 14, 2014

Sandi Back Home

Sandi is back home from the cancer doctor. Her blood work is okay so they plan on doing the second round of IVIG next Friday. That will be another multi hour infusion event deal that will occupy us most of the day. The doctor also did the paperwork to try and extend Sandi's unpaid medical leave for another six months. We have no idea if this will be approved, but we hope so. If it is not she is looking at COBRA to maintain her insurance and that is going to be insanely expensive.

Unfortunately, I was way too sick to go with her today. I have never ever missed one of her appointments before, but my stomach was a bit too shaky to be going out. I don't know if I had gotten the stomach virus that seems to be around here or if it is my colitis a bit worse than normal. Time will tell.

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