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RTE Update-- August 22 issue of RTE

The August 22, 2015  issue of RTE is out and includes fifteen new reviews as well as a new interview:


Giles Blunt in the 'Sixty seconds with . . .' interview hot seat:

Reviews this week:

THE HESITATION CUT    Giles Blunt    Reviewed by Yvonne Klein   
A young Benedictine monk abandons his vows and flees the monastery after falling in love with a suicidal young woman author.

IN THE DARK PLACES    Peter Robinson    Reviewed by Anne Corey   
DCI Banks must solve a rural theft that initially seems insignificant but quickly becomes linked to murder and international crime.

THE STORM MURDERS    John Farrow    Reviewed by Jim Napier       
The cold-blooded murders of four people, including two SQ police officers, lures ex-Sergeant-Detective Emile-Cinq-Mars out of retirement and leads him to New Orleans in search of a killer.

QUOTA    Jack Serong    Reviewed by Karen Chisholm           
A disgraced lawyer doing penance in small-town Australia looks into a murder case in Victoria, Australia and so finds out much about life in coastal fishing villages.

BLACK RUN    Antonio Manzini    Reviewed by Diana Borse       
Recently transferred because of his various infractions from his home in Rome to a small ski resort town, Rocco Shiavone is serving his punishment as the Deputy Chief of Police.  A bizarre death is recognized as murder and Rocco's huge investigative skills are matched only by his misery in this freezing and icy landscape.

SMALLER AND SMALLER CIRCLES F.H. Battacan    Reviewed by Cathy Downs
Mutilated young boys' bodies are found in a garbage dump near Manila, the Philippines; despite interference from corrupt government officials, Jesuit priests Father Lucero and Gus Saenz work to track down a serial killer before he kills again.

THE TOY TAKER    Luke Delaney        Reviewed by Meredith Frazier   
Detective Inspector Sean Corrigan and his team have been idle since their last terrible case that left them physically and mentally wounded. Suddenly made part of Scotland Yard and forming a new unit, they're handed a child abduction case that pushes them all to their limits as they try to navigate Yard politics and save an increasing number of missing children.

LITTLE BEASTS    Matthew McGevna     Reviewed by Lourdes Venard   
Inspired by a real-life 1979 murder, this tells the story of a teenager who kills a child—and how that one act changes several lives.

THE 3RD WOMAN    Jonathan Freedland    Reviewed by Yvonne Klein   
When her younger sister is murdered, journalist Madison Webb uses all her investigative skills to uncover the killer in a corrupt LA of the near future in which China rules the roost.

DRAGON DAY    Lisa Brackmann    Reviewed by Christine Zibas   
When billionaire Sidney Cao asks his American art dealer Ellie McEnroe to help investigate his children's behavior, Ellie can't say no. She knows it could lead to unwelcomed danger, and she couldn't be more right.

THE ASSASSINS    Gayle Lynds    Reviewed by PJ Coldren       
A group known collectively as The Assassins are being killed one by one; who is doing it and what is the motive?

LET ME DIE IN HIS FOOTSTEPS (Audio)    Lori Roy Reviewed by Karla Jay   
In 1952, Annie discovers Mrs. Baine's body by a well that turns out to belong to a long-time enemy of her family; in 1936, Sarah and Juna's younger brother dies mysteriously while out in the field.

PLANTATION SHUDDERS    Ellen Byron    Reviewed by Caryn St Clair   
When Maggie Crozat's New York life falls apart, she returns home to Louisiana to help her family with their bed and breakfast.  The Inn is fully booked for the local food festival, but when a couple of guests end up dead, things start going downhill for the Crozat family.

DECOMPRESSION    Juli Zeh     Reviewed by Sharon Mensing   
A diving instructor is caught in a web of deceit by his rich clients in the Canary Islands.

THE WRONG MAN    Kate White     Reviewed by Sharon Mensing   
Kit Finn tries to keep her business operating as she attempts to stay alive in the face of a murderous financial scheme

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