Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Chemo: Round 4 is Underway

Earlier this afternoon Sandi was admitted to Medical City Dallas Hospital for the fourth round of chemo. Her bloodwork showed slight improvement over what the numbers were last week so they went ahead and admitted her. If things go right she should be out late Friday afternoon.
Sandi at Texas Oncology today being prepped for chemo

While in the hospital they plan to do a series of x-rays of her left shoulder to try and determine why she is having increasing pain in it and loss of mobility. The shoulder pain is thought to be something totally unrelated to the diabetic nueropathy. Exactly what is unknown right now. Between that and the pain she has in her hands as well as her lower legs and feet, Sandi is hurting pretty bad. The shoulder and hand pain is seriously affecting her ability to crochet and that makes for a very unhappy camper.

The plan remains for her to have chemo this week and that will be the last one for awhile as they watch her and see what happens. We know for sure there will be more all day blood transfusions within a few days to a week after chemo ends. Hopefully, she can otherwise be left alone a bit to let her body recover and gain a little strength back.

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Reine said...

My thoughts are with you both.