Wednesday, March 30, 2016

IVIG Completed and Pet Scan Results

Sandi had another round of the IVIG today and we are now back home. This is the stuff that is supposed to help stabilize her immune system and keep it from utterly collapsing yet again.

The results of the Pet Scan are inconclusive and a mixed bag. Some hot spots or tumors have vanished. But, she has new ones in places that she has never had them before. They want more time to take another look at the imaging, but it seems to be a bit of a wash as to whether or not the chemo is really working.

With no compelling reason to change things one way or another--at this point--she is scheduled for her next round of chemo in two weeks.


Bill Crider said...

Those scan results must be a little disappointing, but maybe the doctors will see things differently on further examination. I hope so.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

Me too. I think this was/is the best case scenario as the expectations had been the chemo had utterly failed. Apparently, it is at least it is partially working.

Shalanna said...

I think we'll take the position that it's working to get rid of those old ones. Now it can get rid of those new ones! You never know what they'll say after they look again, either. HUGS to everyone. And don't sit out on the balcony in this rain. It might short something out. (LOL)