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March 19 2016 Issue of RTE

The March 19 2016  issue of RTE is out and includes fifteen new reviews as well as a new interview:

Tawni O'Dell in the 'Sixty seconds with . . .' interview hot seat:   

Reviews this week:

WHAT'S LEFT BEHIND    Gail Bowen    Reviewed by Yvonne Klein   
Whether jealousy, politics, or some other motive that accounts for the shocking murder of a young woman is only revealed at the end of this, the 16th in the Joanne Kilbourn series

NO SHRED OF EVIDENCE    Charles Todd    Reviewed by PJ Coldren   
Inspector Ian Rutledge is sent to Cornwall to investigate a case of "he said, she said" concerning the death of a young man by drowning.

JANE AND THE WATERLOO MAP    Stephanie Barron   Reviewed by PJ Coldren   
Jane Austen finds a man dying in the library at Carlton House, and realizes he was murdered because of a map he had hidden there.

THE LAST CONFESSION OF THOMAS HAWKINS  Antonia Hodgson Reviewed by Yvonne Klein
Only recently freed from the Marshalsea, Thomas Hawkins finds himself en route to the gallows and pens his last confession detailing the events that have led him to this sorry circumstance.

DEATH WEARS A MASK     Ashley Weaver     Reviewed by Meredith Frazier   
Set in London of the 1930s, this is the second in the Amory Ames Mystery series, and here, Amory struggles to solve both her marital woes and another society murder.

BLACK RABBIT HALL    Eve Chase    Reviewed by Sharon Mensing   
Two women, decades apart, are connected through events at a rural Cornish manor

DEADLY JEWELS    Jeannette de Beauvoir    Reviewed by Diana Borse   
Martine LeDuc, city of Montreal publicity director, joins forces with a McGill University doctoral candidate who has set out to prove that the British Crown Jewels were secretly stored in Montreal during WWII and that not all of them were returned afterwards

A BED OF SCORPIONS    Judith Flanders    Reviewed by Deb Schoss   
Samantha Clair, London book editor, makes her second appearance to help investigate the death of an art gallery proprietor who just happens to be her ex-boyfriend's business partner.

THE SINGING BONE    Beth Hahn    Reviewed by Anne Corey       
As a professor of folklore researches the many versions of a murder song, we discover it mirrors her own horrific youthful experiences as a member of a Manson-like cult.

ORCHARD GROVE    Vincent Zandri       Reviewed by Sharon Mensing       
Ethan is obsessed with the serial killer who moves in next door and finds himself enmeshed in her evil plot.

ANGELS BURNING    Tawni O'Dell        Reviewed by Cathy Downs   
Dove Carnahan, Chief of Police in Buchanan, Pennsylvania, confronts family members who are filled with murderous hatred when her department must investigate the death of a teenaged girl.

SOUTH OF NOWHERE    Minerva Koenig     Reviewed by Sharon Mensing   
Julia Kalas escapes to Mexico in the hopes of disappearing, but ends up embroiled in a cross-border murder case
INTO OBLIVION    Arnaldur Indridason    Reviewed by Barbara Fister   
In 1979, a man's battered body is found in a geothermal pool, with clues leading toward a secretive American military installation
THE KILLING FOREST    Sara Blaedel    Reviewed by Christine Zibas       
When a young boy goes missing in the forest, there are bigger forces at work, and Detective Louise Rick finds some answers to questions about issues closer to home.

PERFECT DAYS    Raphael Montes    Reviewed by Christine Zibas   
Brazilian medical student Teo is a loner, who studies hard and attends to his paraplegic mother. In a chance meeting, he encounters Clarice, a young screenwriter, at a barbeque, and from there, his obsession
takes root.                       

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Yvonne Klein

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