Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Chemo Done

Since her blood work was okay, Sandi had her chemo today. We are finally home.

In two weeks she will have another IVIG infusion.

In four weeks she is scheduled to have another round of chemo.

This assumes the chemo is working. She is to have a PET Scan to image the cancers again and see where she is at. While it was not bluntly spelled out, there is some concern that her blood work may indicate that the chemo is once again not working and we have to have a change. One hopes not, but this would be about the right time frame for this chemo version to stop working.

Her companion for the day......


Reine said...

I'm glad Sandi was able to continue her chemo. I think you are right in regard to chemo changes. That seems to have been the case in our family when it has come up. My mother, however, became afraid of the chemo and stopped treatment when she heard a self-styled minister say that if a person had faith the cancer would be healed and if you were taking meds and other treatment, that meant you didn't have faith. I couldn't convince her that the so-called minister on the radio was coo-coo. My mother stopped her chemo and died within weeks. Quacks. I have an internal disgust of radio personalities who masquerade as ministers and give medical advice.

Reine said...

I hope this series helps Sandi.