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New Issue of Crime Review

In our new edition of Crime Review ( this week we
have 16 reviews, together with Val McDermid in the Countdown interview hot
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This week’s reviews are:
TEN DAYS by Gillian Slovo, reviewed by Sharon Wheeler
Scheming politicians take on a new police chief as an incident on a London
council estate sets the city ablaze.

DEATHLIST by Chris Ryan, reviewed by Linda Wilson
After a devastating attack on a group of soldiers undergoing selection for
the SAS, John Porter is given the job of tracking down the killers.

DEAD PRETTY by David Mark, reviewed by John Cleal
One girl is missing, another dead. DS Aector McAvoy of the Humberside
Serious and Organised Crime Unit can’t let the memory of either go.

SPY GAMES by Adam Brookes, reviewed by Chris Roberts
A powerful element within the Chinese administration approaches the British
Secret Intelligence Service for reasons initially unclear: involvement
could be dangerous, but it offers tremendous opportunities.

A SUMMER WITH KIM NOVAK by HÂkan Nesser, reviewed by Ewa Sherman
Two teenage friends, Erik and Edmund, know that the holidays will be a
testing time for them, due to family circumstances. But they don’t realise
that when a body is found near the summerhouse where they’re staying, their
lives will be changed for ever.

EVERY NIGHT I DREAM OF HELL by Malcolm Mackay, reviewed by John Cleal
With its boss in prison, hard man Nate Colgan is named ‘security
consultant’ to the Jamieson criminal empire, his job to track down an
outside challenge and deal with internal power bids.

WRITTEN IN RED by Annie Dalton, reviewed by Sharon Wheeler
Cold War intrigue from 50 years ago comes to the fore in modern day Oxford
as dog-walking friends Anna, Tansy and Isadora are pulled into the murder
of an academic.

BLOOD SISTERS by Graham Masterton, reviewed by Chris Roberts
When a number of elderly nuns are brutally murdered, DS Katie Maguire
investigates the convent they served, and finds evidence of criminality on
a prodigious scale lasting over decades.

THE MEMORY OF EVIL by Roberto Costantini, reviewed by Arnold Taylor
It is 42 years since Colonel Muammar Gaddafi came to power in Libya, the
country of Balistreri’s birth. He, however, remembers the year not for that
but for the death of his mother – a ‘suicide’ that he has always regarded
as actually murder.

A SIEGE OF BITTERNS by Steve Burrows, reviewed by Linda Wilson
Bird-watching cop Domenic Jejeune moves from Canada to Norfolk – and
investigates skullduggery in the birding world.

DEATH DESCENDS ON SATURN VILLA by MRC Kasasian, reviewed by John Cleal
March Middleton is invited to meet her only living relative, a previously
unknown uncle. She wakes the following morning to find her uncle dead and a
bloody axe in her hand.

FIRST CLASS MURDER by Robin Stevens, reviewed by Linda Wilson
Young detectives Hazel Wong and Daisy Wells take a trip on the Orient
Express and soon have another case to solve.

EDITH’S DIARY by Patricia Highsmith, reviewed by Chris Roberts
Edith’s diary records the day-to-day achievements of a successful family.
In real life, however, things don’t turn out quite so well.

THE VANISHED ONES by Donato Carrisi, reviewed by Sylvia Maughan
Following a bad experience in the past, Mila Vasquez, a police officer, has
chosen to be employed in the Missing Persons Bureau of the Federal Police.
One day, unusually, she is asked to attend the scene of a massacre against
her will. Why is she asked?

THE GIRL WHO COULDN’T READ by John Harding, reviewed by John Cleal
A man calling himself Dr John Shepherd arrives to take up a post at an
isolated women’s mental hospital in New England and becomes involved with a
young amnesiac who is fascinated by books, but cannot read.

BLACK OPS by Stephen Leather, reviewed by Linda Wilson
Dan ‘Spider’ Shepherd goes undercover again, this time posing as an
assassin willing to take on a contract to assassinate the Russian president.

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