Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Review: "Blue Plate Special: A Cookie Sullivan Short Story" by Kate Thornton

Captain Cookie Sullivan does not normally take her ship, Linda Rae, to Bishop 13, one of the manmade moons of Mars. But, the well-paying contract specifies pickup at the Martian moon so she is there. In about four hours her co-pilot, N’Doro, is to be back at the ship for the twelve hour run from the Corporation moon to Toshiba Station. Once the cargo was loaded –strictly legit this time-- she will be free to stretch her legs and get a bite to eat.

She could have eaten something from the replicator aboard her ship. That quest for food will get her in trouble in Blue Plate Special: A Cookie Sullivan Short Story by Kate Thornton.

One of several of the Cookie Sullivan short story series this is another good one. Though is just may make you think twice about what is on your plate when eating out. 

Much like author Kate Thornton’s book INHUMAN CONDITION: Tales of Mystery and Suspense  as well as the short story It Doesn’t Take A Genius and her other works, a mystery is present in these science fiction tales. That was certainly the case with Happy Hour: A Short Story and is the case here with Blue Plate Special: A Cookie Sullivan Short Story. Regardless of the genre, Kate Thornton is always a good read.

According to Amazon I picked this up July 2015. I have no idea now if I got it by way of an author free read or I used funds in my Amazon Associate account to snag it to read and review.

Kevin R. Tipple ©2016


Earl Staggs said...

I agree, Kevin. Kate Thornton is always a good read.

Kate Thornton said...

Thank you both, Kevin & Earl! You make me want to write another one!