Saturday, March 26, 2016

A Message from Author Kaye George

There's a great little book store in the suburbs of Austin that's in trouble. I NEVER do this like this, but I'm doing it now. They've started a GoFundMe drive to try to keep their doors open. The Book Spot in Round Rock has been a great friend to local authors for many years. I can even keep this topical, because they hosted me and two other writers who had done a short story anthology a few years ago. If you can, and if you want to see small, friendly, local bookstores stay in business, here's a link to help out:

(If this is against the rules, I suppose no one will see this and I apologize for feeling strongly about this.)

Kaye George/Janet Cantrell~~
National Best-selling & Agatha-nominated mystery author~~
FAT CAT TAKES THE CAKE April 5, 2016~~
REQUIEM IN RED April 12, 2016~~
DEATH ON THE TREK June 13, 2016~~ and
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