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New Issue of Crime Review

We feature new 20 reviews in each issue of Crime Review (, together with a top industry interview. This time it’s crime fiction expert Barry Forshaw in the Countdown hot seat.
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This week’s reviews are:
LYING IN WAIT by Liz Nugent, reviewed by Sharon Wheeler
Lydia Fitzsimons has the perfect home and family – and she’s willing to
kill to protect both.

THE FIRE MAKER by Peter May, reviewed by Chris Roberts
Forensic pathologist Margaret Campbell makes a visit to Beijing to give a
series of lectures, but is soon involved in a live police case when a man
is set alight in a local park.

THE SUN KING CONSPIRACY by Yves Jego and Denis Lepee, reviewed by Linda
A young aspiring actor finds himself in possession of a deadly secret in
the court of King Louis XIV

THE WIDOW by Fiona Barton, reviewed by John Barnbrook
Jean is newly widowed. Her husband, killed in a traffic accident, had been
the object of an investigation into child kidnapping. His death leads to a
resurgence in press and police interest and a renewed investigation ensues.

MY NAME IS N by Robert Karjel, reviewed by Ewa Sherman
Ernst Grip of the Swedish Security Police is summoned to the USA to
interrogate a prisoner, accused of involvement in the terrorist attack.
Then he meets the man called N.

THE SPY OF VENICE by Benet Brandreth, reviewed by John Cleal
Caught in a seduction too many, young William Shakespeare flees Stratford.
He falls in with a band of players, but others have their eye on the young
wordsmith. England’s survival is in the balance and soon he is sent to
Venice as part of a crucial embassy – and into deadly danger.

JIHADI by Yusuf Toropov, reviewed by Chris Roberts
The clash of two cultures has a dramatic impact on the lives of a few
selected people close to the centre of events.

WITHOUT TRACE by Simon Booker, reviewed by Sharon Wheeler
Morgan Vine has campaigned for the release of her childhood sweetheart, who
was found guilty of murdering his step-daughter. Once he’s free, though,
the doubts set in

MAIGRET IN NEW YORK, reviewed by Arnold Taylor
Maigret agrees to a request from a young Paris lawyer, fearful for his
father’s life, to sail to New York and find out what is happening to him.

CRASH by Toby Vintcent, reviewed by Linda Wilson
A fatal crash at the Moscow Grant Prix leaves the Ptarmigan team facing
charges of corporate manslaughter.

THE BODY ON THE DOORSTEP by AJ Mackenzie, reviewed by John Cleal
Reverend Marcus Hardcastle is pickling himself in beer and port in a lonely
parish on the Romney Marshes. When a man is shot on his doorstep, he is
plunged into a plot involving espionage, treason and betrayal.

BIRD IN A CAGE by Frederic Dard, reviewed by Arnold Taylor
It is Christmas and Albert Herbin, after a long time away, is visiting his
old home in one of the poorer parts of Paris. He meets a young and
attractive woman in a brasserie and begins to feel hope for the future.

THE UNSEEING by Anna Mazzola, reviewed by John Cleal
In 1837 Sarah Gale was sentenced to hang for her part in her murder of
another woman. An idealistic young barrister is appointed to determine if
the sentence is appropriate.

A GAME FOR ALL THE FAMILY by Sophie Hannah, reviewed by Sylvia Maughan
Justine has left her job and moved with her family to a large house in
Devon. Once there she begins to receive threatening phone calls from
someone who pretends to know her.

Scotsman Campbell Lawless has ambitions to be a Scotland Yard detective.
His assignments soon lead him into a dark world which threatens the very
future of the Empire.

ENDGAME by Ahmet Altan, reviewed by Chris Roberts
A writer takes a liking to a small town, but discovers that disputes
between leading citizens result in a high murder rate. He becomes
personally embroiled and eventually becomes involved in murder himself.

DEATH TRAP by Dreda Say Mitchell, reviewed by Linda Wilson
A terrified teenager is the only witness to the brutal murder of three
people. It’s DI Rio Wray’s job to keep her alive during the hunt for the

THE MAN WHO WANTED TO KNOW by DA Mishani, reviewed by Chris Roberts
A woman murdered in her own flat is known to the attending detective as a
rape victim from some years previously. Could there be any connection?

EDEN BURNING by Deirdre Quiery, reviewed by John Cleal
A story of love amid the violence and death of the Troubles, centred on two
families on either side of the sectarian divide, who share a dark secret.

END OF DAYS by Susan Ee, reviewed by Linda Wilson
The war between the angels and the remnants of humanity reaches a suitably
explosive climax.

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