Saturday, August 12, 2017

Chemo--Round 2-Day 4

Been to the hospital with Scott to see Sandi and found her very active thanks to steroids. Chemo seems to be going fine. The guy who caught the error last time was sent to her floor specifically to do the audit check on her drug cocktail. He came to her room yesterday afternoon to assure her that all is correct this time. The fact he came and did that meant a lot to her.

As it currently stands, they will be sending her home sometime tomorrow. When is in question right now, though I suspect it will be mid to late afternoon. After that we go back Tuesday morning to see her people in the office and do blood work.


Elizabeth said...

Very good news!!

Barry Ergang said...

Sounds very positive.

Carol N Wong said...

That was a relief, I was thinking that he was now supposed to be there!