Thursday, May 17, 2018

Only days left to win books by Cleo Coyle, Alice Loweecey, Kathi Daley and more from KRL

Only days left to win a copy of "Shot in the Dark" the latest Coffeehouse
mystery by Cleo Coyle along with some other great items from Cleo, while
there check out a fun Mother's Day related guest post by Cleo

And to win a copy of "Nun After the Other" by Alice Loweecey and while
there check out an interesting interview with Alice

Also to win a copy of "Homecoming by the Sea" by Kathi Daley

And to win a copy "Deep Zero" by VS Kemanis

And for those who also enjoy fantasy, only days left to win a copy of "Burn
Bright" by Patricia Briggs

And don't miss your chance to get some great books and help out some pets
in need-Also up this week mystery author Susan Boles - Author shares about
a boxed set of mysteries where all the money goes to 2 no-kill animal
shelters. The set is called "Summer Snoops and Cozy Crimes." There isn't a
giveaway on this one because we want to encourage everyone to buy a copy-I
bought mine already!

Happy reading,

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