Sunday, May 13, 2018

RTE - May 12 2018

The May 12 2018 issue of RTE is out and includes fifteen new reviews as well as a new interview:                   

Iona Whishaw in the 'Sixty seconds with . . .' interview hot seat:                       

THE FIRE COURT    Andrew Taylor        Reviewed by Yvonne Klein

THE FENS    Pamela Wechsler        Reviewed by Cathy Downs

ISAAC SEVERY    Nova Jacob        Reviewed by Nicola Nixon
BLEEDING DARKNESS     Brenda Chapman        Reviewed by Jim Napier
LUCKY    Henry Chang        Reviewed by Cathy Downs
HIGH WHITE SUN    J. Todd Scott        Reviewed by Susan Hoover

RIP CREW       Sebastian Rotella        Reviewed by Barbara Fister

TWISTED PREY    John Sandford        Reviewed by PJ Coldren

THE DISAPPEARED    C. J. Box        Reviewed by Sharon Mensing   

THE GLASS FOREST    Cynthia Swanson        Reviewed by Sharon Mensing

DOWN THE AISLE WITH MURDER    Auralee Wallace        Reviewed by Diana Borse

MURDER AT HALF MOON GATE    Andrea Penrose    Reviewed by Caryn St Clair

THE BENGAL IDENTITY    Eileen Watkins            Reviewed by PJ Coldren   

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Yvonne Klein

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