Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Review: "Mind Prison: A Short Story" by Dave Zeltserman

Graham Winston has a plan to revolutionize what it will mean to be a prisoner in Massachusetts. Because the Governor and a number of other key political people are on board with it, technology will be used to rehabilitate prisoners while also saving the state tens of thousands of dollars.

Whether the plan is ethical or morally right is another question. A question Dr. Graham Winston isn't at all prepared to answer. Especially since he is cheating on his wife with a beautiful Russian and looking for a way out of his marriage.

Mind Prison: A Short Story features two very different and complicated mystery story lines that gradually come together in an ending that packs plenty of twists and surprises. The fate of those involved is not clear until the final paragraph and even then is somewhat open to reader interpretation. It is another good read from author Dave Zeltserman and fits well in his growing canon of dark and twisted tales.

Mind Prison: A Short Story
Dave Zeltserman
Top Suspense Books
October 3, 2013
E-Book (16 Pages estimated)

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