Friday, November 22, 2013

Medical Updates

Just got home with Sandi as sleet mixes in with light rain here. We have metal stair roalinings and already the stuff is starting stick to the metal even though we are supposedly above freezing here. In the 70s yesterday and today we are in the low 30s with high winds.

We did blood work this morning on Sandi down at Texas Oncology and as happens every week, some things went up, other things went down, and so dosage leevls of several drugs were adjusted. The surgical site seems to be healing nicely.

On the negative side of things---Sandi's lungs are not improving at all so she is going back on the main oral steroid in addition to the inhaled steroids. She is now going to be back at the same dosage level of the oral medication as she was when first released from the hospital. Her lungs are not quite as bad as they were when she first came home a couple months back, but very close to it. Clearly, she has has had a major setback. The current plan is to keep her at this dosage level for 60 days and then see where she is at that point.

Needless to say, Sandi is very frustrated with all of this. 

We go back next Tuesday for an INR check and then a week later, again on Tuesday, for the full deal of blood work and doctor visit.  Assuming she does not get any worse in the next few days she should be home here for Thanksgiving.

In other news....yesterday I had a visit with my doctor. Some test results were a little flaky so that will be pursued. He is also lining up new imaging for me--most likely another set of MRI's looking at my spine and brain. He also will be setting up an appointment with a neurosurgeon for me. Since I am the only one that can drive here and things have to be coordinated with Sandi's stuff, this may turn out to be a bit difficult to pull off, but if something can be done to at least slow down what is happening to me that would be a good thing.

Yesterday took a lot out of me as has today so it most likely will be this weekend before I can start playing catchup on the e-mail again.

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