Tuesday, October 25, 2016

How I Spent My Morning

A large chunk of it was at the local office of the Texas Department of Public Safety. My license to drive expires next month on my birthday so this year I had to physically go in and could not renew online. After standing by leaning against the building with my cane for about 30 minutes in the long line outside, I had worked my way close enough to the entrance that the the DPS Officer working the door saw me and the cane. While I absolutely did not want to bypass anyone, he insisted and took me to the front of the line.

After bypassing about sixty folks, some of whom were clearly ticked off and said so, I was put with a clerk who took care of me. She, along with the DPS Officer, were incredibly nice and were a huge help. I am very much appreciative of how they helped me today.

After that I went to the local branch library and with no waiting at all, voted. So, my civic duty is done. I am also very glad, especially with how bad I hurt now, that we do not have the long polling lines I am seeing on television from various sites in the local area.


Reine said...

Hi Kevin,
The same thing happened to me in Arizona.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

They do make renewing the DL if you are mobility impaired rather difficult. Interestingly enough, after telling me by letter that I had to have my birth certificate, social security card, and other identifying stuff that I had to hunt down and find, I did not need any of it as nothing was asked for expect for my current DL.