Thursday, October 27, 2016

Scott and the GRE

Scott does not drive as we have no funds to pay our overdue bills or utility cutoff notices, let alone buy insurance and driving lessons for him, so I spent much of the afternoon in an office tower lobby in North Dallas near the hospital, while he took his GRE for graduate school. He graduates in December and wants to go back to UTD for his Masters in Criminal Justice starting in January. The program "recommends" a score of 300 or higher to be considered for entrance.

Because the majority of the test is computer taken he already knows that his combined verbal and math score was ...... 302. There are two essays that humans must read and score for a total of six points. So, when everything is all said and done he will have a GRE of 305 or a little more.

Then it is up to the committee to determine if they will let him into one of the coveted slots.

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Reine said...

Fortunately UTD will consider his entire application packet for entry into the Masters in Criminal Justice program. The essay is usually one of the most important items. While the GRE is required, they state that a combined verbal and quantitative score of 300 on the GRE is advisable.