Saturday, October 29, 2016

We Desperately Need Your Help!

Desperate times here as we are way past due on everything including the phone bill and the power bill. There are prescriptions that urgently need to be refilled. We have to pay our renters insurance (failure to do so gets one evicted immediately) and pay our car insurance.

In short, we are in a world of trouble. Our rent is due on the 1st and we will be paying late again on the third and using everything in our Social Security Disability payments and a little more in the bank to cover that. But, we have no way to pay the other bills due.

If you can help and want to please consider making a donation over at the PayPal widget over on the left side of the blog.  I hate begging for your help, but we really truly need it. Anything helps.... if you can.


Kevin R. Tipple said...

Thank you to the three people who have donated. Much, much appreciated.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

The count is now eight and all is very much appreciated.