Friday, October 21, 2016

Cancer Doc Day

By the time this post appears, we will be on the way to Texas Oncology at Medical City Dallas Hospital. Sandi has an appointment to do blood work, have her port flushed, and see the doctor. Today, we are supposed to get the results of the PET Scan.

Sandi's cancer fight is an elaborate game of whack a mole. She has tumor sites everywhere from head to toe. So, they do things and some tumors shrink and others grow. Then, things change and the original growers go away and new ones pop up.

Best case scenario is that the spinal tumor that was radiated all of July has shrunk and the others in various places have not grown very much. In that case, they may or may not restart chemo today.

Worst case scenario is the radiation did not work AND other sites have also exploded in growth. They would restart chemo with that too though it most likely would be a more experimental type of chemo.

Her chemo options are increasingly limited as her body build up a tolerance and then the chemo stops working.

So, we just don't know. We both are worried and upset though she handles all this far better than I do.

Between all that and the financial stress as everything is past due and we are facing cutoff of power and such in a week or so the stress around here is pretty damn grim.

So, if you have a moment this morning, please keep a good thought in mind for us. Thank you.

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