Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Plano Police, Thieves, and the Case of the Stolen Shingles

Lots of commotion here overnight. Police out everywhere with guns drawn. Scott had woken me up just after 3:30 to report that there had been a huge crash and police running around with their guns out. Looked out to see something down below at our carport and what looked to be bundles of shingles.

Cops were still everywhere at 4:30 am and I went back to sleep. Got up just before seven to find the police and three wreckers out here as well as the sky crane. Watched them load two vehicles and haul. I thought it was pretty much over until the construction supervisor told me the carport was about to fall and we needed to move our cars.

Got down the stairs and realized our carport was tilted over at a huge angle. Somehow, as the suspects were trying to flee with their load of stolen shingles they hit the top of the carport and pushed it over. Why it did not come all the way down I do not know as I have seen them fall here from far less.

The cars are fine and they caught at least two of the thieves. Supervisor said they were using the sky crane to load up a flat bed truck and another vehicle when their night went sideways. In trying the flee the flat bed came down this way to the back gate and was intercepted by officers. With his way blocked he slammed on his brakes and managed to put the side of the load into our carport.


Unknown said...

There's bound to be a short story in this.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

Yep. Unfortunately, I'm not much of a writer anymore.

Kaye George said...

I hope you don't have many more nights like this! Glad your cars are OK.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

Thanks, Kaye. I hope not as well. Especially right now as we have no floodlights or car port lights. The whole front side of our building and the parking lot is damn near pitch black out there. Can't see a damn thing. Rather creepy after last night.