Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Chemo Update--Wednesday Evening

Chemo continues and so far everything looks really good. They are also pumping her full of steroids to support her along with saline fluid. Steroids are very hard on kidneys and Sandi's kidneys do not function very well in the best of times so they are running a ton of saline fluid through her to try to keep them stable. They are tracking her output and so far her kidneys are coping pretty well.

Her diabetes is acting up as expected due to chemo and the steroids. They are on top of it and handling that situation pretty well as well. We have been through a lot of nurses and support staff through the years and the team around her yesterday and today has been exceptionally good.

All in all, she is doing very well so far and is in good spirits as you can tell below.

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Caroline Clemmons said...

Bless you both. Keep your spirits up and remember all your friends are thinking of you and offering prayers. You are both looking good.