Friday, May 26, 2017

Cardiologists Visit

Both Sandi and I had visits with our respective cardiologists today. They went fine. We passed both of our EKG tests with flying colors. I was amazed as I had not done any studying at all.

Her guy thinks she is stable and there should be no issues from a cardiac standpoint with her chemo. Obviously, something bad could happen with her heart and the chemo, but he does not expect that at all. He was absolutely thrilled to see her and made her promise to see him next year at this time.

My guy is a bit worried about me and the "extreme stress" I have been under since January. Is it extreme? I have no way of actually knowing. It is our lives. It does not feel different than normal. He says that is a concern, but not something he is going to try and address now.

I am to monitor my blood pressure and other symptoms I have and if I have additional issues or my ongoing situation seems to be worsening, I am to immediately get in touch with with him and we will go from there. Standard advice though he really pushed it today.

So, all in all, things went fine for today on that front.


Bill Crider said...

Always glad to hear positive news.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

Very glad to share some. :)

Barry Ergang said...

I agree with Bill, but I also agree with your doctor. Do what he says! (As a friend it's my job to nag.)

Jan Christensen said...

Glad you both came away with fairly good news. Please take extra good care of Kevin. And as others have said, do what your doctor said!

Kevin R. Tipple said...

Thank you, Barry and Jan. I know I am stressed, but just have to deal with them. I really don't think about it. Things are the way they are and I have to deal with them.