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Crime Review Uupdate

We feature new 20 reviews in each issue of Crime Review (, together with a top industry interview. This time
it’s author Mark Sennen in the Countdown hot seat:

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This week’s reviews are:

HOME by Harlan Coben, reviewed by Linda Wilson

Ten years ago, two six-year-old boys were kidnapped. Now one of them has
been found and reunited with his family. But the search for the second boy

THE LYING GAME by Ruth Ware, reviewed by Kati Barr-Taylor

Four women are reunited after 17 years in hiding. And if they don’t get
their stories straight, it is the end of the lying game – and maybe even
their lives.

THE BOY WHO SAW by Simon Toyne, reviewed by John Cleal

An old Jewish tailor, a survivor of the Nazi death camps, is tortured and
killed. He leaves a cryptic message for his granddaughter who is forced to
flee with her young son in the company of the mysterious Solomon Creed who
believes he must save the boy in order to save himself.

MAIGRET, LOGNON AND THE GANGSTERS by Georges Simenon, reviewed by Arnold

Maigret receives a call from the wife of the lugubrious Inspector Lognon to
say that her husband has disappeared and that men have broken into her
house. He decides that he needs to visit her to see what is happening.

NEVER ALONE by Elizabeth Haynes, reviewed by Chris Roberts

Sarah Carpenter lives alone in an isolated farmhouse, so when an old friend
needs somewhere to stay, she’s happy to help. But not everything is as it

DEATH TRAP by Anna Smith, reviewed by John Cleal

Reporter Rosie Gilmour, investigating a white slavery ring, is hunted by a
sadistic killer.

CURSED by Thomas Enger, reviewed by Ewa Sherman

Crime reporter Henning Juul, scarred emotionally and physically, becomes
involved in his ex-wife Nora Klemetsen’s search for a missing woman. The
investigation leads them into the sinister past of a very wealthy Norwegian

LOVE ME NOT by MJ Arlidge, reviewed by Kati Barr-Taylor

Invisible killers, a legacy of suspicion, and time running out will all
help to push DI Helen Grace and those around her beyond the limits.

APPRENTICE IN DEATH by JD Robb, reviewed by John Barnbrook

A sniper targets skaters at the ice ring in Central Park. And it is likely
that more deaths will follow.

TRESPASS by Anthony J Quinn, reviewed by John Cleal

Inspector Celcius Daly investigates the abduction of a boy by a group of
travellers suspected of smuggling and organised crime and uncovers a link
to an unsolved ‘disappearance’ during the Troubles.

THE PEARL THIEF by Elizabeth Wein, reviewed by Linda Wilson

Julie Beaufort-Stuart’s ancestral home has been sold and is being turned
into a school. Her family’s treasures are being catalogued ready for
auction, but then the archivist disappears and Julie is attacked.

THE LIGHTERMAN by Simon Michael, reviewed by Chris Roberts

Barrister Charles Holborne takes on the defence of his cousin Izzy, a river
lighterman accused of murder, but finds the job complicated by the enmity
of Ronnie Kray.

THE DEAD WOMAN OF DEPTFORD by Ann Granger, reviewed by John Cleal

Scotland Yard Inspector Ben Ross is summoned to the battered body of a
moneylender in south London’s old naval dockyard. He soon discovers the
last person to see the dead woman alive was a feckless young doctor – who
is almost a part of his own family!

THE BOOK OF MIRRORS by EO Chirovici, reviewed by Chris Roberts

In Princeton, 1987, a renowned psychologist is bludgeoned to death. It
takes 30 years and several attempts at investigation before the culprit is
finally identified.

DEATH MESSAGE by Kate London, reviewed by Linda Wilson

The last time DS Sarah Collins came across DC Lizzie Griffiths, she was
investigating her for possible professional misconduct. Now the two women
have to find out if they can work together.

SACRIFICE by Hanna Winter, reviewed by Kati Barr-Taylor

When Lena Peters is called in to profile a serial killer in Berlin, the
resentment is palpable – both from the police on the team and the killer.

PURGED by Peter Laws, reviewed by Jim Beaman

Ex-Christian minister Matt Hunter is on the trail of a killer who is
determined to save the souls of his victims.

reviewed by Kim Fleet

A history of the insanity plea and how ‘mad doctors’, judges and the public
reacted to claims some criminals weren’t bad, just mad.

GOOD NEWS, BAD NEWS by WHS McIntyre, reviewed by Chris Roberts

Criminal defence lawyer Robbie Munro has a new crop of clients, including a
junior lawyer on a drugs charge and a dying woman with a lottery win
seeking an errant husband.

BEWARE THAT GIRL by Teresa Toten, reviewed by Linda Wilson

Olivia is rich, well-connected and lives a life of luxury. She has
everything that Kate aspires to. To meet her goals, Kate needs to get close
to Olivia. But can Kate be trusted?

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