Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Aditional Update

So, we have additional medical news. Her port--the one she has had for three years or so is infected. So much for locking that down to protect it. Either today or tomorrow they will do a quick surgical procedure and remove it leaving her with only the tri fusion port that went in about a month or so ago. I don't yet know if the fact that the port was infected/contaminated means they now will hold her in there longer or not. She is to get a blood transfusion later today as well which means her numbers are going the wrong way again. How much of that is due to the bacterial blood infection and how much of that is her body still trying to recover from the blood dialysis after the botched chemo six weeks ago or what I do not know. Scott and I have been to the hospital to see her, then to the apartment to load up, and then back here to fight with the washing machine and boxes upon boxes.

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