Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Barry Ergang and the Smashwords Sale

Barry has asked me to pass along the message below..... is holding its year-end sale, which began at 1 minute after midnight Pacific time on December 25th, and ends at midnight Pacific time on January 1st. Along with many other writers, I'm participating. 
     Three of my e-books, "Criminalities," "Slow and Quiet, Drift Away," and "A Flash of Fear," are year-round freebies. For the duration of the sale I've also made "Funeral for a Flightless Phoenix" and "No Candles for Antiochus" freebies. "The Vole Eater," "The Boy Who Ate Rainbows," "Stuffed Shirt," "PUN-ishing Tales," and "The Play of Light and Shadow," which were never pricey to begin with, have all been marked down until the sale ends.
     Smashwords allows authors to decide how long samplers of individual works can be, and I've been pretty generous in that regard. As to what each work is all about, have a look at where you can read some brief descriptions and access the works themselves.
     Please post "reviews" of anything you decide to read--and be honest. If you don't like a given work, feel free to say so. I won't be insulted; I know not everyone will like everything I (or anyone else) writes.
     Thank you for your consideration, and have a terrific New Year.

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