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Crime Review Update: New Issue of Crime Review

We feature new 20 reviews in each issue of Crime Review (, together with a top industry interview. This time it’s author Rebecca Alexander in the Countdown hot seat:

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This week’s reviews are:

THE LAST HUNT by Deon Meyer, reviewed by John Cleal

Captain Benny Griessel of South Africa’s elite Hawks police unit and his partner Vaughn Cupido are assigned to investigate the death of an ex-policeman and uncover a plot to kill the country’s corrupt president

MAIGRET AND THE NAHOUR CASE by Georges Simenon, reviewed by Arnold Taylor

Maigret is woken early in the morning by an old friend who says he has a story Maigret needs to hear.

THE DANCE OF DEATH by Oliver Bottini, reviewed by Chris Roberts

Freiburg detective Louise Boni tries to protect a family under threat from a man who appears outside their house, holding a gun.

THE SINNER by Martyn Waites, reviewed by Linda Wilson

Tom Killgannon is asked to do one last undercover job, to get close to convicted child killer Noel Cunningham in Blackmoor prison and ensure he reveals the burial sites of his last two victims. He’s told the job will be straightforward. He was lied to.

THE BOY WHO FELL by Jo Spain, reviewed by John Cleal

The body of a teenage boy is found outside a deserted house where he had been partying with friends. Examination suggests he was raped before being pushed through a window to his death. His alleged attacker is in custody, but DCI Tom Reynolds has doubts.

BAD DAY AT THE VULTURE CLUB by Vaseem Khan, reviewed by Chris Roberts

In the latest adventures of the Baby Ganesh Detective Agency, ex-Inspector Chopra and his friends investigate the murder of a prominent Parsee.

BETON ROUGE by Simone Buchholz, reviewed by Ewa Sherman

Public prosecutor Chastity Riley and Detective Chief Inspector Ivo Stepanovic meet when they are called to investigate a horrendous case of a naked and tortured man left in a case outside an office of Germany’s biggest magazines where’s he been working.

SO LUCKY by Nicola Griffith, reviewed by Linda Wilson

In one week, Mara Tagarelli loses her wife, her health and her job. Soon she is struggling on all levels and even afraid for her life. Not just because of the advance of multiple sclerosis but because someone is targeting vulnerable people and Mara believes she knows why.

FALLING FROM THE FLOATING WORLD by Nick Hurst, reviewed by Chris Roberts

Ray Clemence is an Englishman in Japan. When his girlfriend Tomoe disappears, he suspects the yakusa is involved. His attempts to find out more brings him into their clutches and there appears to be no escape.

WHEN I LOST YOU by Merilyn Davies, reviewed by Kati Barr-Taylor

Crime analyst Carla Brown must help the police team find out if the baby’s murderer is her mother, or if an even more sinister crime has taken place.

THE HOMECOMING by Andrew Pyper, reviewed by Madeleine Marsh

After the death of their absent father, the Quinlan family are bequeathed a lodge in acres of private land worth millions. All they have to do to inherit is stay there for 30 days. And survive.

THE SHARP EDGE OF A SNOWFLAKE by Sif Sigmarsdottir, reviewed by Linda Wilson

Two very different girls are brought together in the aftermath of a murder in the snowy Icelandic winter.

SHE WAS THE QUIET ONE by Michele Campbell, reviewed by Sylvia Maughan

Twins Bel and Rose are starting in the same dorm at their new boarding school. They are very different from each other and make different choices in both subjects and friends. Dorm heads Heath Donovan and wife are also new, brought in to turn this difficult dorm around.

THE BLAMELESS DEAD by Gary Haynes, reviewed by John Cleal

FBI Special Agent Carla Romero and lawyer Gabriel Hall are thrown together as they investigate a series of gruesome crimes that have their roots 70 years in the past.

THE BAD DAUGHTER by Joy Fielding, reviewed by Kati Barr-Taylor

Robin, the daughter who turned her back on her family, is going home – now that half of them are dying.

THE EXILED by David Barbaree, reviewed by Linda Wilson

A series of dangerous power games are played out in ancient Rome against the threatening backdrop of Mount Vesuvius.

THE CROWN AGENT by Stephen O’Rourke, reviewed by John Cleal

Disgraced young Edinburgh doctor Mungo Lyon is recruited by the Crown to investigate a murder and shipwreck.

ON MY LIFE by Angela Clarke, reviewed by Chris Roberts

Jenna Burns’ life is turned into a nightmare when she finds herself in prison on remand for the murder of her boyfriend’s daughter.

SCORPIONS IN CORINTH by JM Alvey, reviewed by Linda Wilson

Athenian playwright Philocles and his actors have been hired to take one of his popular plays to Corinth. Critics he can take, but poisoning is a bit extreme.

YOU DIE NEXT by Stephanie Marland, reviewed by John Barnbrook

Some urban explorers break into an abandoned film studio and encounter an apparently horrific murder scene. They run, but then one by one they are found murdered.

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