Sunday, October 20, 2019

Tornado Watch

All day I have worried that a major weather deal was coming despite the fact the local weather readers said our risk was low tonight for severe weather. I was born and raised here and have lived here all my life and I know the local weather readers, all transplant from god knows where, often are flat out wrong with what they predict. It just felt bad outside to me much like it does some days in the spring.

Just after 7 tonight as the radar was starting to light up to our west and southwest and a severe storm had erupted far to our east, the weather service put all of North Texas and east into Louisiana under a Tornado Watch until 2 AM. Storms continued to fire just to the west of Fort Worth and just to the southwest of the city and move northeast. Some of them have a ground speed of 55 miles per hour and are sending out ping pong up to softball sized hail and winds of 60 mph.

On their current tracks, they would miss us. However, there are indications that the storms, as they strengthen have started turning to the right and  are becoming east movers. Right turning storms mean the likelihood of a twister is increasing as is the size of hail in the storms. If they really do start tunring right, they will strengthen and head into here in another hour or so.

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