Sunday, October 20, 2019

North Dallas Tornado

First and foremost, we are okay.  Remember that when you see news coverage from North Dallas.

A tornado roared across much of North Dallas and up in Richardson in the past hour or so. There is widespread damage to structures, cars and trucks , power lines and poles, and more. There have not, at this point, been any reports of fatalities which is a miracle. It came down around Love Field Airport and then moved east and passed very close to Medical City Dallas Hospital where Sandi got her cancer treatments. It was on a straight line towards us here here and then instead when slightly to our north where it crossed 635 and headed northeast sliding just south of UTD.

We did not miss it by much and this was not even the main severe weather event that is still supposed to happen after midnight as the new line forms up on the front to our Northwest.


Caroline Clemmons said...

So glad the tornado missed you. Our eldest, Stephanie, is a patient on Meadow Rd near 75 and the tornado took out their power. Fortunately, there were generators. I don't know if they had other damage but not where Stephanie's room is. Until power is restored, patients can't use their computers or televisions, etc. because the generators only provide enough to operate critical needs.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

So, not good. Glad she is safe and okay.