Saturday, February 08, 2020

Before You Query....

Before you query….you need to understand a few things.

First and foremost, I am buried in more books—print and eBook—than I could read in a couple of lifetimes. I have books going back more than a decade in my TBR piles. I am much slower now in the wake of events the last couple of years. I am also, after a long hiatus caused by those same events and my grief, trying to find my way back to my own writing and editing work as it is paramount for me to somehow develop some income streams to-- at the very least-- slow down the dwindling of my financial resources. A fast turnaround will never happen here, so if you think I am the key to your marketing plans, you best look elsewhere.

Second, query preference is given to authors I have read and enjoyed before. That is not to say I won’t look at somebody new if I am interested. It is to say that it will take a bit more effort to convince me to take a look if you are new to me.

Coupled with that fact is the fact that I do research on new to me authors. If you are one of those folks who publicly states that reviews do not matter and that you do not read reviews, do not ask me to spend my valuable time reading and reviewing your work. If you are one of those people who espouse the nonsensical idea that a review can be short and can consist of the “I liked it… Best Book Ever” garbage, do not waste my time or yours in reaching out. You do not want a review. You want a rubber stamp of approval.

Third, have an idea as to what I read and review. I will not read a horror novel nor will I read something billed as a “medical thriller.”  I will absolutely not read you book, fact or fiction, that deals with some idea that Big Pharma is hiding the cure for cancer. If you believe that, you are a special kind of stupid. I rarely read science fiction/fantasy. I mainly read mystery in all its many flavors as well as crime fiction and noir.  

Finally, while this policy applies to my review work, it also applies to what projects I will take on editing wise. If you are interested in reaching out, I am at KevinRTipple AT

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