Saturday, October 01, 2016

KRL This Week Update for October 2, 2016

Up this morning in KRL a review & giveaway of the latest Asperger's mystery
by Jeff Cohen & E.j. Copperman, "The Question of the Felonious Friend"

Also up the first of our many reviews & giveaways of Halloween related
mysteries this month, "Behind Chocolate Bars" by Kathy Aarons

And a review & giveaway of "Masking For Trouble," a Halloween mystery by Diane

Also a review & giveaway of another perfect mystery for Halloween season,
"By Familiar Means," A Witch's Cat mystery, by Delia James, and a fun
Halloween related guest post by Delia

And a review & giveaway of another Halloween mystery, "It's Your Party, Die
If You Want To" by Vickie Fee

We also have the first of many Halloween mystery short stories going up
this month, "Trick But No Treats" by Jan Christensen

And up a review & giveaway of "No Pity for the Dead" by Nancy Herriman

For those who also enjoy fantasy,  a review & giveaway of "Red Queen"
by Christina Henry 
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