Thursday, October 26, 2017

Sandi Update

Sandi continues to be about the same though she was a little more lucid today than she was been earlier this week. She is running a fever so they are now running antibiotics into her as well as the large amounts of other fluids.

Other than that, nothing else has changed. She continues to receive a radiation treatment each day. When she came back from that this morning, it looked to me like she was moving a little better than she has before today as she worked to get back in bed. Today was the 11th treatment. The theory going in was that somewhere between the tenth and the fourteenth treatment the radiation should start bringing down her inflammation around the tumor, which would allow her to hurt less and move better. Even the nurse, who has been working with her all week, thought Sandi moved a little better today.

The doctor was very blunt today that her only chance now is something experimental down at MD Anderson in Houston. He also believes that even if she was strong enough right now to participate in some study, she would not qualify as there are far too many secondary issues. Needless to say, Sandi is very upset and feels that the doctor has given up on her and is adamant she wants to fight.

Having read the last Pet Scan report several weeks ago and knowing things she does not yet know, I fully understand where the doctor is coming from and why he is making the decisions he has made to this point. I have lived with the knowledge of how dire her situation is cancer wise and never told her any of it as I did not want to upset her. I am now trying to figure out a way to gently tell her what I know without taking her will to fight or crushing her spirit.


Unknown said...

Just too hard. I have no words.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

Me neither. I am trying not to loose my mind.

Jerry House said...

It's really difficult. I suspect that, no matter what, Sandi will keep on fighting.

Barry Ergang said...

I agree with Jerry: Sandi's a fighter. But I feel for both of you because, as Bill said, this is a very difficult and emotional situation.

ne1500 said...

Glad to see that Sandi is fighting!
There is definitely hope!
It is a fact that there are people who have multiple (but shrinking) cancerous tumors and are managing it as a chronic illness after being told by the cancer doc: “Chemo and radiation aren’t working. So go home and die”. (Thanks doc! You get an ‘E’ for Effort!)