Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Review: Flash Bang Mysteries: Spring 2020 Issue 19

Recently Flash Bang Mysteries: Spring 2020 Issue 19 was released by the father and son team of BJ Bourg and Brandon Bourg. The issue contains four interesting short stories.

Selected as the cover story, “The Fourth Amendment” by John Bowers has Chief Carpenter appearing in the chambers of Judge Martin as he wants a warrant.  In fact, he needs that warrant. Chief Carpenter has to convince the judge to see things his way in the pursuit of justice.

Sunday is the one day a week that Pearl and Henry eat out at local pub and take a walk to the nearby museum at the castle. Henry bought as annual pass, believing it a wise investment, and made sure Pearl did the same. Education is important and yet Henry does not know everything in “A Fitting Sendoff” by Madeleine McDonald.

Taking photographs correctly is always important. It is even more so when one is taking pictures of the deceased. As Lacy has found over the years, change the light source, change the angle, and the pictures reveal evidence. The latest victim clearly has some evidence on her and Lacy is working hard to document it all in “Shadows” by Jemi Fraser.

The editor’s choice of the issue is “Sweet Spot” by Bruce Harris. Steve “Stoney” Stevens has a bakery in downtown Denver. An interview on the very popular news show is going to skyrocket his success if he handles himself just right.

The four short stories here are all quick reads and all four are good ones. With a submission cap of 700 words, each author quickly sets the scene and moves the action along to conclusion. A lot of stuff is at work in each tale as are a couple of surprises. Flash Bang Mysteries: Spring 2020 Issue 19 is another quick and fun read. You can read the current issue as back issues for free online here.

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