Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Review: Trail Revenge by Wayne D. Dundee (Dangerous Trails: Collected Western Adventures)

Following Trail Justice in Dangerous Trails: Collected Western Adventures by Wayne D. Dundee is Trail Revenge. The second volume of the trilogy, it picks up several days after the violent events of the preceding book. It is late May 1848 and the wagon train is somewhere near California Hill in the Nebraska Territory. In addition to recent events, some in the party are aware that the trail is about to get harder as they cross begin to put the South Platte River behind them and move ever closer to the mountains of the Rockies. 

Wagon Master Eugene Healy has these thoughts in mind and others as the wagons slowly move forward. Not only does he need to get his wagon across the river and ensure the safety of his wife, Ingrid, and their son, Donald, he needs to get all of the other wagons and their cargo---families and goods--across safely as well. Fortunately, young Basil St. Irons, the scout, has proven himself capable at every turn. Basil has found a place that should work well even though the snowmelt out of the mountains has made the river running fast and strong. 

Finding a good spot to cross is not the only thing Basil has found today. While scouting long distance out in front of the wagon train, he also found a body. Who he was and, more importantly, how he came to be washed up against the riverbank was a question Basil wanted to have answered. It took some time and he thinks he has figured it out. He needs to have a word with Wagon Master Healy in private as soon as possible. 

That threat as well as the past catching up to the Healys in a violent way that affects everyone on the wagon train drives this read forward. 

Trail Revenge continues the excellent tale begun in Trail Justice. Readers learn more of the backstory of the Healys and several other folks familiar to readers by this point. A solidly good tale with lots of nuance, Trail Revenge is another good read in the Dangerous Trails: Collected Western Adventures. 



Dangerous Trails: Collected Western Adventures

Wayne D. Dundee


Wolfpack Publishing


June 2020


eBook Only

788 Pages 


I picked this up in June 2020 using funds in my Amazon Associate account. 


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